Idea in my Hands


Holding this idea in my hands.

Wondering what it is.

A thought I have yet

to ascribe.

A mystery to me,

until I unlock

what it is I need.


Making my mind up for me.

We have been together a while.

Come so far from where we were.

Now, we’re wherever this is.


are we going,



Holding a thought in my hands,

don’t know where it will lead me next,

but I know I’m going soon.


This is it,

the final stretch,

I guess.


Been the same me for a while.

Loved being here,

and now

it’s time to let it go.

These things

that I have held

need room to grow.

Free to fly,

or explode.


I’m not sure

I’ll ever know,

but where it leads,

I follow,

through the bright light

and the shadow.


My hands are empty, now.

Thought is gone

and so am I.

Out the door,

out the window,

out of my mind.





HG – 2021

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