Every perfect second,

every word,

every inflection.

Every time I pass

the point of no return

and find my way back here.


Each time I’ve touched you,

and every time I’ve hurt.

Longing for the ocean,

we have seen the desert in us.


Take me far away from endless.

Give my body to the eagles.

Let my eyes be their eyes.

See me soaring in the distance.


and higher,

and higher

and then;

I’m gone.


Every breath

that glides across your lips.

Every brush across your skin.

Every touch I can’t forget.

I never wanted to be anything

other than your atmosphere.




here and there,

I’m afraid

we lost ourselves.

I found my eyes again,

and I am still


for you.


Between the beginning

and the end of this,

I know you’re here.

I can feel you

all around,

and know you

in every perfect sound.


I breathe you in.

You inhale me.

We are life,

each unto the other.

I have found you.



HG – 2019

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