Super Nova

We left the night,

followed the stars

into the light

to see who we are.

Opposed out of choice,

our ways were divided,

we all lost our voice,

at least I know I did.


There is always pain

in every conflict.

Never the same,

always magnified.

We’d be insane

if we allowed this

to burn us up

like when two stars collide.


It doesn’t have to be us.

If I lit a fire,

would you help me feed it?

No walking away,

no saying good-bye.

If I go lose my mind

would you help me find it?

Would you come with me

on a journey out of time?


We’re still alive,

we’re still amazing;

not in the grave,

not in the sky.

We’ve got a chance,

however fleeting

to love with all we are

while we’re alive.


So I’m not gonna go


Binaural conflict

isn’t my life with you.

If we’re gonna be stars,

if we’re gonna see Heaven;

I’ll give myself away

to you.


HG – 2018

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