Hard wiring.















These are some of the themes that I am working with these days. The more I venture down the road of Life, I find it all goes down hill. The path slopes down, inexorably to the sea; the great catch all of souls.

I find myself more and more certain of my purpose; not any more driven, nor inspired to achieve said purpose, as nothing comes easy, but the defining lines become sharper, clearer and easier to describe. I am less plagued by doubt and more overwhelmed with the vast landscape of possibilities that life has to offer. The only limit, as always, is time.

I have always been a procrastinator. I have forever been the type to start a project and not see it all the way through; moving on when my interest waned and some new thing came along. These days, though, I begin to see my failings clearer and am less inclined to find fault with myself and internalize it as guilt, or brush it off. These days I find myself just doing it. Just do the thing. Finish the project. Work harder. Get up earlier. Don’t sit down until you are finished, or in the case of writing – don’t get up until you’re finished.

Discipline gets us there, but there are no free rides, except the last one. Every payment must me made in full to see our dreams come true. Like the half finished projects I have in abundance, they are analogous to all my unfulfilled dreams. Our highest expectations of ourselves are only realized with total commitment. There is no success that is not made by dedication.

There is literally no time to waste.

More to come.



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