Everyday Gods

You wear your mistakes
like a coat
and I envy you.
So well cut
and so fashionable.
My shame remains
just like a stain
down the front of my shirt.
I can bear the hurt,
I just can’t find the words.
Hate sucks,
but the waiting’s the worst.
I don’t think I saw you come,
leaving me in the dirt.
I don’t think I heard you call,
didn’t tweet, didn’t chirp;
I guess that shit is for the birds
and this life is absurd.

I never understood
your stance on the war,
or the times.
You seemed to revel
in your love
and the cause of your crimes.
You played it off,
as if you did this
all of the time.
I couldn’t come see you.
I couldn’t see through.
You were way too cool.

You wore a smile
like a wolf,
just seducing the lamb.
Always got a plan,
a weapon in your hand.
Say all the right things,
hold your truth like a sword;
I’ve heard them say.
they don’t make ’em like you anymore.

I’m so scared to make waves
in my work-a-day world,
so I’m living through you;
go on and act like I’m curled
around your little finger,
’cause maybe I am.
Maybe I’d take off my clothes,
if you’d say you understand.
You’re just an everyday god
and it’s all part of your plan.
I’m just dying to see
what you’ve got in your hands.

love, lust, compulsion.
So bored,
tied to the hive,
want to watch the dysfunction.
Just a made up world,
in a made up mind.
Can’t hold on any longer,
I think it’s time,
to be a hero?
to be just like you.
I’ll be free now,
a little less confused.
Grown used to the fruit
of all this abuse.
I bet it all tastes sweeter;
I bet you do, too.
When I wear my faults
like a new tattoo
and my pain covers up
what my shame exudes.

I just wanna be,
wanna be,
just like you.

I just wanna be,
wanna be,
just like you.

HG – 2017

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