Everyday Gods

You wear your mistakes like a coat and I envy you. So well cut and so fashionable. My shame remains just like a stain down the front of my shirt. I can bear the hurt, I just can’t find the words. Hate sucks, but the waiting’s the worst. I don’t think I saw you come, […]


What more do I have to offer you? What more could I give? What more do you want? What other piece of myself have I not shared? What words, what thoughts, what acts have I not devoted to you? What blood, what sweat, what seed have I not given to you? What flesh would satiate […]


Caught in the rush. Lost in the clutch. Trapped in the crush. Stopped with a touch. Give me your trust. Never enough. Give up the lust. Back to the dust.   Better to be broken down and hollow than full of shit. Son of a bitch, I’ve seen how far down you can wallow. Pick […]

Other Humans

Just a simple regular person, day to day business nine to five friendships. Plans for the weekend, car payments, mortgage, kids and a lover, partner, friend and significant other, too.   So why are you so sad? Why do you try to see what’s there just beyond those nasty little indecisions that make you question […]

Charm The Fiend

Never more terrified than when my heart leaps and sends that shiver through my bones. Awakening in me that old enemy of mine; the mirror monster she frees with laughter.   I know she carves that smile extra deep for me and sings to draw me up from the underground and I shake with the […]

Memories and The Smell of Gasoline

I am here, in the place where fate resides. A waste of time, or just erasing mine? A clean slate, another state of mind. I have lost direction, must have missed a sign.   I got caught up for a minute in your grand design. Didn’t see that I had missed my ride. Only for […]

Substitute For Blood

There is no substitute for blood. No medium that better transfuses pain and pleasure. Sweeps oxygen to the lungs Leaves us spinning when it rushes to the brain and drains from us where we are opened up. It is the currency of civilization; the proof of purchase. The ink in which the terms of our […]