Pausing the Universe

I swear,

I had the words.

I kept them as a memory

that escapes me now.

Like catching thin, gossamer threads;

they break into incomprehensible strands,

that drift down

and melt into the Earth.


I guess is wasn’t guaranteed to be easy;


nothing worth doing ever is,

but can you blame me,

if I just sit back

and beg the sky

to hold off the dawn

for just a few more hours,

so I can get my shit together?


It’ll all be OK.

It’s as easy as pausing the universe;

that’s all I need.


Then I could catch up

on all these things

that are coming at me,

like bullets in an ambush.

That’s what life is sometimes;

a surprise attack.

Wave after wave of enemies

overrunning your defenses

and you fight as hard as you can;

knowing in the end,

that you’re just going to die,

one way,

or another.


So I’m looking around now,

pretty hard,

to find the button

and pause the universe

just for a little while.


Stop stars from imploding,

stop planets from colliding,

stop my loved ones from dying,

just long enough

for me to collect myself.


I’m not big on accepting my fate

and I know,

“What cannot be changed,

must be endured.”

Just let me slow it all down

to a crawl for a few hours

and I’m sure

that that is all I’ll need,

before I’m ready to face the enemy again.


HG – 2017

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