Mental Health Monday – 07.04.22

#mentalhealthawareness#mentalhealthmonday Grief and strength. We're all going to lose. A person.A job.A home.A pet.A relationship we cherish. I remember coming to a very poignant, but morbid conclusion around forty years old; "If you're live a long amd healthy life, you'll be around long enough to watch everything you love die." A tough thought to have, … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 07.04.22

Pausing the Universe

I swear, I had the words. I kept them as a memory that escapes me now. Like catching thin, gossamer threads; they break into incomprehensible strands, that drift down and melt into the Earth.   I guess is wasn't guaranteed to be easy; hell, nothing worth doing ever is, but can you blame me, if … Continue reading Pausing the Universe