Mental Health Monday – 04.24.23

Heaven and Hell. The light and the dark. Common concepts that theologians and philosophers have expanded on since the dawn of humanity. The fact is, we remain as creatures that experience life in a duality. Night and day have reft our conscious world into two kingdoms - one in which we can see and the … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 04.24.23

ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

  The Weight of Time and Place – Hokus Grey   Our past has weight. It’s heavy. Not like a rock we carry around, but dense like a star. Our past has gravity. It doesn’t just pull us backwards. It distorts our view of the present, as well as the future. We get so used … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

Reblog Wednesday – “Asleep on a Train”

  What if life is the dream and death is waking, and we just move from dream to dream, life to life, never noticing when we wake up? A person falls asleep on a train. The train keeps moving while they sleep. Eventually, the train reaches its destination, and the person wakes and gets off. … Continue reading Reblog Wednesday – “Asleep on a Train”

Embracing Water

Done with burning up the past one torn piece at a time. Finished with watching the flames dance with every little bit of life. Running out of memories and too afraid to burn tomorrow. Conversations just for one to a flat screen known by name.   Missing handle, missing avatar, just a ghost in the … Continue reading Embracing Water


Everything changes when we finally get to the ground. While we're high we see things looking down. Here, on the level,  we can't deny the devil's in the details.   We saw the big picture for a moment and now we're here. Caught up in these subtle motions learning patience, learning fear. What we don't … Continue reading Details


  Don’t speak of what is inside. Don’t give life to your fear. Inside you are caught up in a million hallways; a labyrinth of catacombs.   Reaching out would be a futile gesture, genuine though your intent may be. Reaching inside, is like sticking your hand in a bee hive, or a lion’s mouth. … Continue reading Deadlines

The Fear Diary

A little bit of trepidation is natural, after all death is an ever-present fellow and consequence hangs around here, also. I hope you didn't think the ride was free?   The future is fraught with danger and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't afraid. In fact, I have been terrified for … Continue reading The Fear Diary


Did you ask the sky about the coming winter? The leaves on the trees seem to believe that turning early is the way to go. Even the birds know. They've made their travel plans. They're getting out of here, man; you can believe it.   How is it going to be? In that long night, … Continue reading Hoarfrost

The Always Fading Light

Divorced from consequences, we tried to learn to be our own. Eschewing vital issues, so overwhelming, all these emotions cut the lead and we're alone.   Never settled for mediocrity, that happy medium called "suicide".   A grand conflagration lights the night, so we can find our way on the outside, burning our old selves … Continue reading The Always Fading Light


I don't remember how it felt to touch you. I don't remember my hands on your skin. Casting my mind back seems ineffective, I just end up here; alone again.   There's no knowledge of your face, or ministrations. There's no sense of the smell of your hair. My mind has lost some critical detail; … Continue reading Overexposed

Pausing the Universe

I swear, I had the words. I kept them as a memory that escapes me now. Like catching thin, gossamer threads; they break into incomprehensible strands, that drift down and melt into the Earth.   I guess is wasn't guaranteed to be easy; hell, nothing worth doing ever is, but can you blame me, if … Continue reading Pausing the Universe

Mental Midget

Time changes all ahead of it, no theory or prophecy holds without succumbing to the limit of the mind that spawned it.   Quickly correct all of our thinking it's not compatible with what we know. Our postulations are just pseudo-truthful. Computer simulations - contrived extrapolations of a species a little too high on itself. … Continue reading Mental Midget