Beautiful Opposite

These are the words that never reached your ears. This is the touch that never felt your skin. This is the sigh that never left your lips. Never have and never will again. There is a solitude and shadow that sustains you. You are so silent as the night, you hide your face. Even the … Continue reading Beautiful Opposite

Pausing the Universe

I swear, I had the words. I kept them as a memory that escapes me now. Like catching thin, gossamer threads; they break into incomprehensible strands, that drift down and melt into the Earth.   I guess is wasn't guaranteed to be easy; hell, nothing worth doing ever is, but can you blame me, if … Continue reading Pausing the Universe


Shut up for a minute and just listen. Do you hear it? It is the not-quite-silence of the world not giving a fuck.   The demons in your head don't feed the hungry. Your discomfort cannot keep the rain from falling. All of this complaining doesn't change your circumstances; the whole world just goes on. … Continue reading STFU

Divinity Us

Each time I pierce this veil drawn across my soul, the mere moments of experiencing the system as a whole, are blinding - so used to hiding. Paranoid, but needing what the light brings.   This whole life holds me over; sewing back on the severed. Why can't I stay forever in this holy moment? … Continue reading Divinity Us