Sans Epidermis

In the space between suns,

I shed my skin

to walk flawless amongst the touchstones

of my heresies.

Body slick and scar-less,

snapped tight, taut over sinew exposed,

nerve and muscle and bone;

without protection

in a wild land.


Not even the rules of nature

apply in between worlds,

but we were never “Higher Beings”

and I was far too reckless

to be an animal.

Stripped down now

to bare wires,

I am no more a man,

no more a child of men;

for I have shed my lineage.


I have doffed my eyes and hair

and pigmented hues

that drew the gaze

and words to the tongue.

Like I shed my allegiances,

I never really acknowledged men

who stood up above their people

and shouted;

“Follow me!”

when their eyes possessed no vision

and their hearts no fire

special and singular to this world.


So I stood alone,

bereft of my identity,

but never did I question who I was.

“Unique” was always a word

used to describe the flawed

and the rejected,

but without my skin,

I was just as plain as any other.


My heart and mind betrayed the difference.

The long space between now…

… and now…

… and now…

… was ending,

so I slipped into that tight,

confining dermis once again

and made myself a subject

of men’s eyes,

a servant of their mouths,

a slave to their ambitions

and assumptions

of the pretentious and the proud.


I, myself,

now certain of where I existed,

let my heart guide me

and my mind decide for me.

The rest of me is just a vessel,

trappings of this world

that mean nothing

between now…

… and now…

… and now.

It does you good,

to get out of that all-confining skin

once in a while.


HG – 2017

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