Sans Epidermis

In the space between suns, I shed my skin to walk flawless amongst the touchstones of my heresies. Body slick and scar-less, snapped tight, taut over sinew exposed, nerve and muscle and bone; without protection in a wild land.   Not even the rules of nature apply in between worlds, but we were never “Higher […]

A Broken Ego

Before the denials can leave your lips, your eyes betray you. I see them linger on the objects of your longing. Divinity denied so freely in cultured company, but suddenly so desperately required.   You told me when we first met, just how strong you are; now I’m watching you fall apart. And the most […]

The Ruins

We pushed South, running like mad. Slave labor pools running the land; like insect colonies, burrowing in the Earth.   Red rain fell from a blue sky, in a land rich with gold, cocaine and mistrust. It was a white man’s problem that was visited on the rest of the world; like the misplaced anger […]

We Live The Night Life

Let there forever be wonder in the night. Let us never cower from the dread of dark hands that clutch our hearts and minds and draw our bravery from us; for even in our terror we are intrepid.   We have inhabited the dark, the void of space, the immensity of Earth’s deepest places. We […]

From Dark Before

I was born when the universe was dark. I was shaped when the Earth was cold. I was born by the mother of the void and the father of singularity. Birthed in silence before the light was spoked in to existence; I witnessed the first dividing line.   I am the last of the everything. […]


It was never easy, it was never quiet, the atrocity had merely moved on. It changed location, to a distance that must have seemed like it was gone, but it wasn’t really gone. We mourned, we grieved, but then we resumed our lives and after a time, the memory of pain faded, as it does, […]

Expose Yourself

I have no protecting outer layer. Exposed to the world as I am, I remain. This dissuades me not to reach out to the world and those around me for the necessities; human survival instinct. Truth is abstract and ambiguous; faith is so easy. My hand above the flame will burn, the sun will appear […]