Every morning is another chance to change. Every evening she sees that everything has stayed the same. Those smiling eyes are still so far away and it doesn't seem to matter what's the trouble with being loved.   She's got a new look on. Her makeup done. New dress she bought and hair that cost … Continue reading Fledgling

Sans Epidermis

In the space between suns, I shed my skin to walk flawless amongst the touchstones of my heresies. Body slick and scar-less, snapped tight, taut over sinew exposed, nerve and muscle and bone; without protection in a wild land.   Not even the rules of nature apply in between worlds, but we were never "Higher … Continue reading Sans Epidermis

The Dagger, The Yoke and The Flail

  Tell me, my Lord;   what does the dagger say?   What does it whisper as it’s twisting?   Does it make room for apologies?   Does it shed a tear with bloody vigor?   Well to do the better man’s device,   a heaven wrought in simpler times escapes   like smoke.   … Continue reading The Dagger, The Yoke and The Flail

Keep it Down To a Dull Roar

Who needs to speak? Whose voice is drowned out, by the chaos and the clamor? Whose words are swept away in the current of the river? Are the meek ready to prosper? Or are they shaken when they whisper, the words that will condemn the world?   Have you suffered for your brother? Have you … Continue reading Keep it Down To a Dull Roar


Freedom isn't free. This ought to be common knowledge, for by now everyone must have noticed the rivers of blood are getting knee deep.   If freedom must come from the barrel of a gun, then let that gun be a human heart and let that barrel be a beautiful mouth that speaks the truth … Continue reading Unobtainium


Take the chances, Make them worth the price of failing. Hold nothing back, let each effort fly, defy the irritating voice in your head; deafen it with the noise of the blood rushing through your veins.   Let you heart beat hammer in you chest, until it feels like it’s going to explode. Taste fear … Continue reading Uncontainable

Slumber Crawl

Fall is slowing to a crawl. I'm moaning prayers and confessions. Ongoing, a given direction.   So, now I'm disarmed, stripped of my barbs, relieved of my scars. Holding high and lowly, with a love so holy.   I've been all we are.   Could be - but it never is, what we let ourselves … Continue reading Slumber Crawl

The Joy of Separation

Peaceful slumber comes, like death, or a sedated nod; when done severing, one sees everything.   Dropped out to be a part, alone and at home in the dark, cursed to finish what you start.   So this newfound heart, becomes the fire that burns, the mind that yearns to cut that nerve...                                                 … Continue reading The Joy of Separation

Been Through Hell

Bracing myself for the impact, amazed at the walls as they go rushing past, elated - euphoric - when I don't crash; like I've done so many times before.   I won't be restrained - remain in place, a grin spreads across my face. Through Hell I come home, a battle won - the war … Continue reading Been Through Hell


We wait on each other to make a move, fearful fence sitters, we rarely approve of our choices; restrain our voices. Urging telepathy - afraid to speak, lest we give up our souls to anybody just as weak as us, so often disastrous.   Let it be what it is. Be all I am. Unjudging, … Continue reading Chrysalis

High Flyers and Deep Divers

The weight of the dagger drags your hand down, so close to the throat; all you have to do is let go. The answer is not in the asking, it’s in the silence that follows. I have not oppressed myself enough today. I am far too free with words I cast away. Have a care … Continue reading High Flyers and Deep Divers

Ocean of Reflection

Derivative, a little piece of everything is what we are. Somehow we live with our eyes turned inside so far.   We don't see past you or me, can't reconcile this separation, together we might become something more; all cowering in what has gone before. Fear of pain and abandonment, we cling to the words, … Continue reading Ocean of Reflection