Grave Wax

There are words here


to describe this


If I sit here longer

in the silence wondering.

Digging deeper into

my head to find you,

my mind to let you

out into the vacuum.


Every thought I’ve ever had

was leading up to this one;

I’m euphoric.

It has been so many years

to find it,

now I have to do my best just to ignore it.


That thing you do with your mouth,

I thought would be contagious,

but instead,

it left a trail of the dead;

so virulent

and patient.


I unlocked my brain

and dug into the dirt.

Brought out grave wax

and a thousand year old curse.

Just when I thought

I couldn’t do any worse.


Take a breath now, stupid.

You can’t live outside this

fertile, deep green prison.

So don’t ask for answers,

you’re just stuck here

wasting time and brain cells daily.


Digging holes to place

your most precious babies.

Thoughts are just creations,

but they don’t mean much,

do they?

Sick of this condition,

getting to a new way.


Every tic and disposition

that I’ve known has only been a way here.

Empty out the dead things in my head,

so I can finally see my way clear.


Losing time and inclination,

so I have to get on with this quickly.

Before I lose my nerve,

I have to purge this world

that never really fit me.


I’m proving to you

that my mind

is finally made up.

Something’s come my way

that was worth the clean up.

I will find a way

to turn the graveyard in my head

in to a world

that you would feel lucky to exist in.


Hold on…

… I can feel a change coming.


HG – 2017

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