Lovers of Desolation

Lovers of desolation,

in our hearts

we yearn for obliteration.

In our most lucid, hidden fantasies,

we dance and fuck

in cities razed by fire.

In fields that once filled

the mouths of nations,

we couple in the dust,

on dry, cracked earth.

Quietly we await the apocalypse

that will ravage all life,

unmake the born,

sterilize the mother.


When the wind breathes no longer

and the oceans run dry,

sunlight bows to darkness

and with all things we die.

In this seductive absence,

I will pick up my shards of bone

and add flesh and skin and sinew

of dust and dark and emptiness.

I will seek you out my lover

and we shall dance and fuck

amongst the nothing.


HG – 2000-2005

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