Keep it Down To a Dull Roar

Who needs to speak? Whose voice is drowned out, by the chaos and the clamor? Whose words are swept away in the current of the river? Are the meek ready to prosper? Or are they shaken when they whisper, the words that will condemn the world?   Have you suffered for your brother? Have you … Continue reading Keep it Down To a Dull Roar

There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

I'm going to deny everything and suppress the hollow threat against me. There are no ordinary ways to claim your way back home. I haven't been back in a while, but I know that the streets still smell like something old and rotten. Broken promises, fermented tears and fallow gardens.   I'm giving up on you … Continue reading There’s Gonna Be a Hot Time…

What Purpose?

I have been playing dead out of fear that the behemoth of time and duty will take me.   I have been feigning death, in hopes that the monster of my life will simply pass me by.   A childish man, hiding under the proverbial covers, safe only from imaginary boogeymen, but not from life. … Continue reading What Purpose?

Palliative Uncaring

So, I guess it is my lot to console the widow of the world. The once admired bride of lauded human achievement. It was hubris, for us to think we were the world; for the world was here long ago, when we were not. But now, the old Sawbones has declared him dying. Nothing we … Continue reading Palliative Uncaring

The Drone Parade

Pull up the sheets and wish away the day. Shut your eyes and wish the world away. There is no love left in your menial, pathetic, drone parade. Marching to and from the hive you're not even alive, you're just another name.   You've traded all your time for pay. Money doesn't change hands, numbers … Continue reading The Drone Parade

Love in A Physical Universe

How long has it been since you were last told that you are special and unique to the universe? Not only needed by the world, but necessary for its existence?   I know you have been feeling a little blurry around the edges; undefined, like an underexposed photograph. And I know you've been wanting that … Continue reading Love in A Physical Universe

The Interview

I split my tongue so that I could speak to you in a language you would understand. I sold my soul to a ghost, turns out he used to be a man, but I made out better than most; made something of his plan. Gone a while to the coast, maybe they'll bury me in … Continue reading The Interview

Break Time

So tired. Glossed over the mad season's crawl. Suffered from every self inflicted affliction I could get my hands on.   My cup runneth over with all kinds of morbid cocktails and I have stood in line too long to take them back, so I just stand there nursing my disappointments.   In the dark, … Continue reading Break Time

Shattering Your Perfect Sky

I am speaking in an empty room, describing myself to the walls, exposing myself with the words, I wonder how much you might have heard. Hiding in the corner stall, didn't know that you were there, shoving your dreams up your arm; I thought I was so far from harm.   There are illusions that … Continue reading Shattering Your Perfect Sky

The Bones That Broke The World

Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names they will define you, limit you, confine you, until you can transcend them.   My bones will knit stronger than before. Wiser for the lessons, as I learn to understand them.   I have also been known, as lost and broken. Fear me now, I'm found … Continue reading The Bones That Broke The World

If Looks Could Kill

I’m feeling dangerous today; like I should be locked in a cage. I’m a storm about to rage, a bullet, or a blade; I don’t think anyone is safe.   I’m feeling beautiful today. I think that I’ll lead the parade. Not a hair is out of place, I don’t feel overweight and I’m dressed … Continue reading If Looks Could Kill

I Am an Explosion

If emotions could bleed, if sensations could breathe, my decisions would be better you'd see. I am an explosion, waiting to detonate, expression and questions, I don't think I can wait anymore.   I have been sitting for so long in a sedentary state. Detained by the limitations of the world, but this is my … Continue reading I Am an Explosion

A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit that you have closed your eyes, when the world outside showed that it didn’t care and you got scared. Learned you had been believing in a lie, but you’re too brave to hide, so you built a grand design. Painted with the world you want to see on the inside and now … Continue reading A Beautiful Cage

We Live The Night Life

Let there forever be wonder in the night. Let us never cower from the dread of dark hands that clutch our hearts and minds and draw our bravery from us; for even in our terror we are intrepid.   We have inhabited the dark, the void of space, the immensity of Earth's deepest places. We … Continue reading We Live The Night Life

Broken Angel’s Wings

I didn't know I'd be the last love you'd trust, I didn't know that after me you'd just give up. I wish you'd told me that the pain was just too much, I could have helped you feel the kind of touch that you always had for me when I would run, home to you, … Continue reading Broken Angel’s Wings

Prophets of Little Faith

Another day, another dollar, another hero slain. Another loss, another cost to pay.   There is no respite from life, until Heaven comes down, there is only chaos in the sounds and all around.   The people say that there's no rest for the wicked, for the righteous, for the slave. There is no time … Continue reading Prophets of Little Faith


Those things you've loved aren't gonna break your heart, they're gonna tear it from your chest and tell you it's a part of knowing what is best.   If you proclaim that God is great, they're gonna call it hate and the color of your skin, is gonna get you in; you're gonna wish you … Continue reading B.O.H.I.C.A.

The Travelling Tree

There is darkness and there is light, and I am here in the shadows of this place, in this time, I find myself. I am whole and I am broken. I am saved and I am lost. Together and apart from all things I have been. I am somewhere in between what I was and … Continue reading The Travelling Tree