New Dawn Twilight

  Now is the time; sun set, sun rise, it doesn’t matter. Take what care you need; only what you need. Only what will keep you alive and strong and human.   It is time to go. This place has become death. A mortuary, stripped of all nurturing secrets. Drained down; dead and poisoned. Corrupted […]

Lovers of Desolation

Lovers of desolation, in our hearts we yearn for obliteration. In our most lucid, hidden fantasies, we dance and fuck in cities razed by fire. In fields that once filled the mouths of nations, we couple in the dust, on dry, cracked earth. Quietly we await the apocalypse that will ravage all life, unmake the […]

Reversal Morning

And it all came down, on that morning when the world awoke to find itself no longer kept in place. No law but truth and through truth, consequence. The sun rose and fell again, as quick as an implosion, or the blink of a god’s eye. The rain rose up and the waves went back […]