“It’s Gonna Be a Hot summer.”

  Watching it all crash down in beautiful waves of radiation. See the fashion trends, bruises covered, and skin sloughing, laugh at the rainbow nights, and the blaze in the atmosphere. This season’s apparel will be hazmat suits left over from the last apocalypse. This time it’s the real thing. No masks, but everyone covers … Continue reading “It’s Gonna Be a Hot summer.”

Post Apocalypse

We walk hand in hand down long, listless corridors, stopping to stare out of windows, sealed shut, air tight, against the deadly atmosphere. Clinical white walls save us from burning up. Injections bolster our immune systems against radiation and certain types of mutations, now common.   Endless corridors, clean and ordered. Purified air pumped in … Continue reading Post Apocalypse

Lovers of Desolation

Lovers of desolation, in our hearts we yearn for obliteration. In our most lucid, hidden fantasies, we dance and fuck in cities razed by fire. In fields that once filled the mouths of nations, we couple in the dust, on dry, cracked earth. Quietly we await the apocalypse that will ravage all life, unmake the … Continue reading Lovers of Desolation

Reconciling the Apocalypse

We shake the dirt and soot out of our hair and clothes, our feet stay stained with mud and ashes; the ruination a magnificently gaudy sprawl. Who let the light touch fire, touch heart and spread across the floor to begin licking at sensitivities long abandoned? Fantasies that tickled until they burned, leaving only blackened … Continue reading Reconciling the Apocalypse

The Last Dawn

Conciousness claims another victim, as the dawn's light glints golden off the faces of ancient oppressors. We used to see in black and white until all division was abolished under the ressurrection of what never died. What never was. But will be. We used to feed on fruits of pain and toil. Flesh worked steel, … Continue reading The Last Dawn