Ain’t looking for a free ride.

Fighting my lies and outside,

don’t look so surprised.


Willing and wanting

to pay my way with blood,

with come,

with all I have within me.

With piss and spit and shit

and the will to succeed.


Respond to a sensation

and set it to a song,

put it all to music,

all emotion – right or wrong.


Deals with devils

and angels and assholes,

fluid – determined

pure spirit in vessels.

Possessed of excess,

so sick of excuses,

there’s power in this mess

and strength in abuses.


Conjure an image

and make it real.

Try to imagine how it feels,

to wield the will,

grow day by day;

all that is in me

is the price I will pay.


Run around in kinder circles,

softer music holds no fury.

Hell hath reasons in this being,

digging up the dead and buried

inside every one of us

and fuck the structure for my goals.

There is no net beneath us,

pay for promise with my soul.


Won’t leave it in this,

a part of all of us.

All life inside to access

and rise above the soulless.


HG – 2000-2005

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