What Courage?

  What is courage, when there is no choice? When the consequence of inaction is the loss of everything and everyone you’ve ever loved?   Is there a place for fear? When the ramp drops on some foreign shore and bullets snap by your head, and the very sea at your feet  tries to claim […]

Rough Men

They called us “rough men”, back in that autumn, that perfect autumn, but they didn’t know who we were.   We were captured in pictures, now old, greyscale and sepia-toned.   By winter we would all be ravaged and the idea of us being “rough men” held a different meaning.   Many succumbed, to wounds, […]

The War For All Time

Dust off your wings, you’re going to need them. Grab your gun, it’s gonna be crazy. I can assure you, that you’ll miss the safety of yesterday’s comforts, of certainty’s lie.   We’re going up, higher than angels. We’re gonna fight; we’ll win or we’ll die. The torrent of oceans, inside we’re tornados, tearing down […]

A Perfect War

All around me is danger; that latent human potential. Words are a sword to cut with, my bones, a full metal jacket. Every circumstance is heightened: that fuck or flight reaction.   Adrenal dump, pumping heart, racing thoughts; no excuses, only reaction time. Slippery snake, higher reptile mind. Base height too high and climbing, neuro-endorphin […]

Kill the King

See, we all gathered around to hear the news today, to see if the song still remained as it had for ten thousand yesterdays, but there were murmurs in the backcourt, dissention on the line and I knew that these men were no longer my brothers; some, I couldn’t recognise.   Greed and envy take […]

Taking The Hill

They are dug in deep, withstanding barrage after barrage for days. The savages. We wrested them from their strongholds and chased them from their palaces, but they relent not one inch without a fight.   They shed the blood of millions with a wanton disregard. They forced our hand, by their crimes they birthed the […]

Clearing in the Evening

Here in the fog we are all ghosts. We are islands, tied and bereft of others. Reach out your hands, reach out with your mind and now we’re all just running blind. When we find each other we collide.   Where has the Sun gone? It used to burn free our vision; now we survive […]

Eleven Past Eleven

  The leaves fall better in September, then they are gone by the middle of November, when we stand in the snow and we remember; the fallen ones and the sounds of distant guns.   I ask only to stand in silent witness. My moment of remembrance, mercy and forgiveness, but I hear the cannon […]

The King and The Gannet

Rare and precious thing; you, possessor of hearts. Strength in your fist, making light shine from high precipices, forcing the life in and growth to follow.   The wail and the shake of new birth; rumbling of Earth crumbling old world proverbs. Level the dead and the angel was on your tongue, the devil had […]

Broken Angel’s Wings

I didn’t know I’d be the last love you’d trust, I didn’t know that after me you’d just give up. I wish you’d told me that the pain was just too much, I could have helped you feel the kind of touch that you always had for me when I would run, home to you, […]

Civil War

Gasping for air. Straining to catch our breath. Fighting down a raging sea of emotions. Seeking calm, in the midst of chaos, without the futility of trying to understand it; merely trying to keep a grip on humanity.   Beat back that which crawls out of that savage pit of souls. Prison for the murderous […]


Freedom isn’t free. This ought to be common knowledge, for by now everyone must have noticed the rivers of blood are getting knee deep.   If freedom must come from the barrel of a gun, then let that gun be a human heart and let that barrel be a beautiful mouth that speaks the truth […]


It was never easy, it was never quiet, the atrocity had merely moved on. It changed location, to a distance that must have seemed like it was gone, but it wasn’t really gone. We mourned, we grieved, but then we resumed our lives and after a time, the memory of pain faded, as it does, […]


All those limitations don’t apply to me, just like the answers to the questions I don’t ask. Ultimatums are delivered silently, we are masters of the gesture and the glance.   Giving me the brush off, a chip off your cold shoulder. There has been too much of this shit, now it’s all over. It […]

For The Shadow Warrior

Fight light and move between shadows, unburdened by time. Move between moments, ceasing only briefly then gone again. A deadly wraith.   Tread all paths with trepidation. Know fear and let it be your ears, your eyes, your skin.   Be unknown to all, but your closest kin, mystery is a cloak and camouflage is […]

Spiritual Warfare

You know it ain’t right, standing on top our your life, looking down on yourself and everyone else. Living on borrowed time and sacred promises, that all that’s left is what you can eat, burn and fuck.   Ignoring all the signs that you’ve sold your soul, as that need to feed consumes you whole. […]


Don’t give a shit anymore. No war – or four, or five, or six million dead – don’t get ahead.   Draws me out of my slumber, makes me wonder; the mood – the mind state, of victims and aggressors, with such arrogance they wield hate. The possessors – of the power to take us […]

So Fucking Absurd

Excuses don’t cut it anymore, just another way to remain – sanitized. Free from the wealth of information, no opinion to cloud your mind. Sympathy – surrogate compassion, mass consciousness hijacked by broadcasts; dilute – delude – denying action.   I am alive and dying daily. Never afraid and yet it is the love that […]

Lovers of Desolation

Lovers of desolation, in our hearts we yearn for obliteration. In our most lucid, hidden fantasies, we dance and fuck in cities razed by fire. In fields that once filled the mouths of nations, we couple in the dust, on dry, cracked earth. Quietly we await the apocalypse that will ravage all life, unmake the […]

The Horror

The Horror   Mentality like mass murder, I think it’s over – you take it further. Another day brings hate and danger, cope with it as best I can. War is the only solution, can’t abide by such confusion, bringing death and dissolution; massacre your only plan.   We live with the pain inflicted every […]