What are doing? What are you doing, here? Just answer the question. I thought you’d be long gone by now.   Turning my safest situation into a cannonball. I am gunpowder, packed tightly and you and I are guaranteed a spark.   Isn’t it enough that we know we could just raze all this … Continue reading Irresistible

Sexless Affection

Don't say the words. Shut your mouth. Don't part your lips, utter another phrase. You drive me insane with every syllable. Just sit in silence. Let's listen to the blood flow in our veins. The sounds of our hearts beating might just drive us mad. Too bad we're already there. Just the sound of your … Continue reading Sexless Affection

Little Death Connections

Thought was a crime. Intention was a tragedy. We walked on literal eggshells; life never to be crushed under our feet. The feeling, so visceral.   Tied to that Central Nervous System disorder, chaos into the circuit. Lightening shattered thought-web lattice. Each touch, shudder and shake. Body in spasm and gasping, exhorting The Maker. Pleading … Continue reading Little Death Connections

Other Humans

Just a simple regular person, day to day business nine to five friendships. Plans for the weekend, car payments, mortgage, kids and a lover, partner, friend and significant other, too.   So why are you so sad? Why do you try to see what's there just beyond those nasty little indecisions that make you question … Continue reading Other Humans

If Looks Could Kill

I’m feeling dangerous today; like I should be locked in a cage. I’m a storm about to rage, a bullet, or a blade; I don’t think anyone is safe.   I’m feeling beautiful today. I think that I’ll lead the parade. Not a hair is out of place, I don’t feel overweight and I’m dressed … Continue reading If Looks Could Kill

Disposable Syringe

You can feel it crawl across your skin, anticipating the stimulation, shivering with trepidation until it pierces through you.   Disguised as spiritual release, it's really nailing you down, you let it hammer itself through that precious part of you and stake you to the ground.   It's just a temporary twitch, it's going to … Continue reading Disposable Syringe

(The Hunger For) Absolution

Open your bottled up confessions, let them breathe a little while. Come bearing your unanswered questions, I've got the answers and a smile. I'll hear your sins and your transgressions, I'll soothe your hurt and dry your tears, but don't you think for one more minute that you're safe, or in the clear.   You've … Continue reading (The Hunger For) Absolution

Traveller Ensnared

I stopped, only with the intent to linger but for a moment under the light of your wounded moon. I did not expect to be so ensnared by Gypsy song and rhythmic dancing, nor intoxicated by such beauty.   Maybe it was the fortified wine, or mystic whispers carried on the swirling smoke of hashish, … Continue reading Traveller Ensnared

The Big Parade

Knock, knock. Who's there? Your time is up. I hope you have your debts paid. Hug and kiss your loved ones good-bye. It's your turn, now turn away.   Everyone gets one kick at the can. One breath, one look, one glance at the big parade. One chance to be great. Born - Live - … Continue reading The Big Parade

Half-Light Enigma in an Old T-Shirt

The thought crossed my mind like you did, when you walked across the room wearing that old T-shirt of mine. The almost sunlight made your skin glow, electric blue/grey.   You were meant for someone else and these moments are stolen. Pilfered memories from some poor soul, who will never know the touch of fingertips … Continue reading Half-Light Enigma in an Old T-Shirt

A Naked Earth

The warm west wind hastens in Spring, strips the snow off the land like an impatient lover. The Sun, it's power unfelt during Winter's long embrace, now beholds the hills and valleys of a naked Earth. Its ardor intense and welcomed. In between cool rain showers that wash away the layers of cold weariness and … Continue reading A Naked Earth

Sex Dreams

Between every connection, before every careful touch, there are moments of reflection, attraction and disgust. Plugging in can be so painful, disconnection tears the skin; lingering like lucid sex dreams and the shame of fitting in.   Clutch your brittle intentions tight to your chest, 'cause you know they won't survive inspection. Up close they … Continue reading Sex Dreams

Lovers of Desolation

Lovers of desolation, in our hearts we yearn for obliteration. In our most lucid, hidden fantasies, we dance and fuck in cities razed by fire. In fields that once filled the mouths of nations, we couple in the dust, on dry, cracked earth. Quietly we await the apocalypse that will ravage all life, unmake the … Continue reading Lovers of Desolation