Yesterday’s Words


The old words mean nothing

under the new sun.

The promises made

don’t ring the same

as they did when first spoken.

The only thing

that’s clear

is the sky

and the biting cold,

and the look of fear

in your eye.


Yeah, I know it.

It’s long past time

to admit

faults and failures.

We’re too far in it, now.

Four months of winter

in a six month land

that barely knows of summer,

but we know how to suffer,

God made sure of that.


Put it all away.

Yesterdays words,

childish games,

and all those things.

The only thing

that’s ever stayed honest

in this land,

is the horizon line to the West.

Those old mountains

standing guard.

The rest has been a mess.


Some of it’s worth fighting for,

but we don’t always

make the best call.

We judge things

on those old sayings,

trying to make

yesterday’s words

fit into today’s conundrums.

They never do it justice.



we find ourselves


with trying to understand

things in this world

that just don’t matter.

Temporary things

that don’t fit

our old way of thinking,

because we’re still using

old songs,

old thoughts,

and yesterday’s words

to describe

a new world.



HG – 2022

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