Brother Night


Living in the valley

between the snow capped mountains,

home to elk, and bear, and wolf.

A place

where the bones of the Earth

break through,

creating a rampart

that rings our home,

protecting us

from the rest of creation.


Safety is tough to find

in this world.

Mother Earth

is pitted against Father God.

Sister Day,

shines and blazes,

while Brother Night recedes.


The Valley is quiet.

It remembers a time

long before people,

before buildings,

and before roads.

It asks the Sky,

how long it will be

before the people

are gone again,

and the Sky replies;

“Not long.

Not long.”


The world awaits,

spring and summer

and the return of the herds.

The great menagerie

of roaming ungulates

and rich tourists

from overseas,

who come to stare,

with awe and fear

at the valley.


The awe is normal,

as is the fear.

Many of them know

that the valley hungers,

like a starving creature.

Wander too far

and you will disappear

into the wild forest;

for Mother Nature

has never tired of the sport

of hunting Men.


Pink sky in mountain evening.

Clean air

and quiet night come.

The valley hushed,

curled up under ancestral blankets

and by warm fires.

Dreams come to the valley

like fresh snow.



HG – 2022

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