The Price of a Dream


You crossed a line

and so far,

you’re okay

not turning back from it.

You made your choice

and you’re willing

to stand by it.

No more than a

passing thought

of consequence.

So caught up

in your own Righteousness.


It’s exhilarating

to think

you are on the right side

of history.

I swear I’ve heard it

all before.

You say

that if they don’t

“see reason”,

then they are “the enemy”

in your words.


March in line

and speak

all of the prescribed


Live and breathe

only with others

just like you.

Outsiders will have to be


Those who resist

will be consumed.


Oh, I know it feels

so good

to be so important;

Riding the crest

of a wave of change.

Have you ever wondered

if you’re being


or did all this


fall into place?


Why do we imagine

that it will be easy

to gather in

all the sheep?

If I know anything

about being a shepherd,

it’s that

they often die

for their beliefs.


That’s the price of a dream.



HG – 2021

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