A rough day,

and it’s only just started.

Leaking from holes in my head.

Breaking every promise I ever made.


on the wet blacktop.

Only a young man,

but I’m old, now

and without an advocate.


I found

most of my good times

just lying around.

Fucked with my head.

Man, sometimes it’s all I can do

to stay sound,

because Sane

lives in another province,

another state of mind,

that I have not been able

to convince myself to occupy.


I’m alive,


but am I on fire?

Has life quenched every desire?

I see days like today

and I think about those old

crosses on the hill,

and what would be the odds

my fate would end up there,

because that’s where they put

liars and thieves,

and saviors,

but I’m only one of these,

and not the other.



I can’t even explain

how I can stare down

the barrel of today

and say,

“Yes please”,

get up and do it again,

but I will.

I don’t think I have a choice,

so, there’s fate again.

Just gonna keep moving.

Can’t let the bastards win.



HG – 2021

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