The Next Lockdown


The days pass

and take us along.


we don’t even notice.

The world is such a scary place

that sometimes we try to avoid it.


Seems to me

we’re doing more of that

these days,

and lying to ourselves,

saying “It’s okay.”


Setting up

the perfect moment

for our suicide;





… I can see it in your eyes,

the same way

you can see it in mine.


There’s stress and strain,

there’s breath and pain.

I can’t lie,

I’ve been holding shit inside.


Things we could never dream of

became our nightmares.

Wounds that never heal,

monsters under the bed.

Try to stay awake

and hope the demons

stay afraid of nightlights.

We’re only scared of violence,

because our fathers

didn’t teach us

how to fight.


Watching social media

without a context.


what atrocity

I’ll commit next.


All I know

is that we’ve given up

a year of our lives

and I’m not sure

we’re going to survive

the next lockdown.



HG – 2021

2 thoughts on “The Next Lockdown

  1. I hope we are all just reaching out to those alone a lot more. I
    Had a dear friend who the whole community loved and he did commit suicide. My friend spent time with him all the time as his wife had died. After Covid she arranged drive by with neighbor folks to wish I’m happy birthday. She did what she could but he was in his 90’s. Still no one knows how lonely it can be unless you are alone. Reach out by phone or zoom or drive by. Love Joni

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