Brand New


Don’t think I’ve ever been “okay”.

Feel like I’ve had to fight, every day.

Those days I couldn’t find it in me,

I could feel the waves

closing over my head

and the dark embrace below.


So far,

managed to survive here,

but survival’s a poor way to live.

Trapped in a tragic cycle,

it’s time to make a way,

some way I’ve never been.


Been a liar and a thief.

I’ve known pleasure

and I’ve known pain.

I’ve been to the edge,

more than once, I think,

and I know I’ll go back again.


One last time,

but let it be

my choice to go,

when I am free.

Set me up

in the sunset’s glow,

and let my sails be full

when it’s my time.


I’ve wasted so much of my life

battling with my shadow,

but war

is no way to live.

I think it’s time I give

the devil on my shoulder some rest.


I’ve never been my best,

but I’ve known me at my worst.

I’ve caused a lot of hurt

to people who deserved

much better than they got.


Life can’t be all regret.

There has to be some hope.

A place to rest the eye,

somewhere high and bright,

some salvation for my soul.


I already know,

and maybe that’s why it’s been hard

to keep on this old road,

knowing where it goes.

It’s time to turn this heart around.


Sometimes it will be dark.

Sometimes it will be cold.

Sometimes we have to fight.

Sometimes we have to find

someone to take control.


I guess it’s time to go.

So much left to do.

The sun will be rising soon

and there’s no time to lose.

Today will be brand new.



HG – 2021

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