That saccharine smile

used to be so genuine.

Posted a thought to oppose,


you’re an oblique specimen.

So we confuse the bruises

for a shadow in the picture.

That which would afflict you,

a virtue,

only applied to restrict you.


Tied up,

begging for it,

weren’t you?

Held on to that smile,

until they smashed it off of you.

Couldn’t believe

that you could be

betrayed so.

Not even a safe word

could save you,

I guess that’s the way the wind blows.


You can smell the bodies.

Don’t try and hide,

or deny,

or apply delicate perfumes

to cover up

what’s left

of those you’ve consumed.


This is a race to the graves,

and the wager is slaves.

You’ll still smile in your way,

once the flesh is decayed.


Blind obedience,

so obsequious.

It’s ridiculous,

how we fall

for the same old song and dance,

The same tricks

that make us sick,

abandon our wits

at the first sign

of any of it.




A smile and a laugh.

There’ll be tears enough, soon.

We’re all temporary creatures,

and so are you.

I’m not here to judge;

I’ll leave that to the sky,

and time.


We’re all gonna wonder why

we forgot your smile.

It was so infectious.



HG – 2020

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