Here We Are


This has been going on

for so long,

I forget my

reason for all this.

Solace and purpose,

left adrift.

Constantly creating,


consuming everything

and beset by

the threat of denial

and the innocence

of my dreams.


All that I wanted

in this life

was something good.


pure and virile,

withered on the vine.

Forsaking my own fate,

denying my hunger.

Fallen away

into the shadow of time.


I’m not here

for just your body,

I’ve come for the epidermis,

I have come for the entrails.

Feeding isn’t what you thought it’d be.

There’s no beauty

left in survival, now.


I don’t know

whether to laugh

or cry.

All I know

is I have come to be

the thing that I despised.

So much for you

and all your kind.

All that I wanted,

all that I called for

was your life.


I used to lie awake

and shake

all through the night,

but now,

my conscience

is quiet;

I have my respite.


I spent my whole life

waiting to watch

the mask slide,

so I might see behind

and know that I had been deceived.

There was always a little truth

in every lie you believed,

and I have proof,

in your eyes,

and in your screams.


So glad we got to spend

a minute or two

settling those old arguments.

you and I,

so unalike

what I thought we’d be.

We could have been anything,

but we are

an atrocity.



HG – 2020

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