Gone Again


A strong pull,

seemingly out of nowhere,

and I’m off again;

gone in an instant.


We play a dangerous game,



and the universe,

each begging the other,

just to say

as we were

for one more moment.


I can’t believe I even have to say

the words that have been ringing

in my head.

I would have hoped that you

could read my thoughts,

or see them on my face,

if nothing else.


It never gets any easier for you

to have to try to satisfy yourself.

I am gone away,

in the night;

ghosting you

over and over again.


One day,

one of us is going to wake

to find the other there

and the world alright.

I can’t beg the universe anymore,

or ask any favors of you.


Close your eyes.

Don’t watch me go.

Open them when I return.



HG – 2020

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