The Clock Tower

Revenge is best left

to angels,

’cause I know I haven’t seen Heaven.

I have no righteous indignation,

just a long and simmering hatred.

My resilience breaks now beside you,

all of these important messages,

just click by like falling snowflakes

and I can’t harbour anymore resentment.


When time dies,

it doesn’t matter anymore.

It never did,

we just made it our clock tower.


I climber up high,

hoping to find

some measure of clarity,

but I couldn’t see

you in my reticle.


Blink my eyes,

come up a half-Mil…

…still nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

I always thought

that the perfect picture,

was you in my crosshairs,

but I can’t find you, now

in the crowd.

It’s as if you were never there

at all.


Humble myself.

Take up the slack in the trigger;

watch the mirage shimmer;

I’m fully DOPE’d out.

Whatever distance

that has come between us

is about to be crossed

at thousands of feet per second.


How did  we let

time waste away

our simple pleasures?

We were everything

before your betrayal.

So what’s a guy to do,

when his hands want blood

and his heart wants to impugn

the transgressor.


They say that time heals all wounds

and then there is the bullet.



I am closer to God,

so I think I’ll ask Him again.

Is it His will

that these hands made for war

reach out and touch again?

Is it the pain

of this backstabbing,


never ending parade

of liars and thieves

that take from the best of us?

What’s one more,

laying dead in the street?


Time is a touchstone,

up here in the clock tower.

All alone,

unless you count God as a person.

Some kind angel

clears my chamber

and puts away my dark desire

and I am soon

back out in the crowd,

sentinel on my shoulder.


I am not an angel,

though I have been the wrath of God;

up in his clock tower,

I have seen it all.


You were the worst offender,

I will always remember,

how your love

became a blade.

You will never know

how the angels saved you

from the most expedient revenge

I could muster.


Enjoy the ever-after;

revenge is best left

to the angels

and I have not seen Heaven.

The clock tower is as close

as I’ve ever come.


HG – 2017

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