I’m right where I need to be,

between the devil and the deep blue sea,

between the sky above me

and the Earth below;

I don’t know

what I don’t know.


I can’t care enough to lie,

and I can’t count the times

I’ve died

a little inside

when you walk by.


There are no second place parades.

Who knows just what it is these days?

I’ve come so far just to escape,

far away into the page

of a fable I’ll create.


It sounds great,

until you’re in it,

or until it’s gone

and you’re left sitting

there alone.

I’ve lost my pride

all on my own.

I’ve had a moment;

it moved on.

I’ve been committed

to the cause

and been acquitted

of my faults,

but never loved,

because I’m odd;

isn’t that strange?

Isn’t that all

we ever wanted

for so long?

Isn’t this

that kind of song?

That just goes on

and on

and on?


I’m right where I belong.

between the beats of my heart

and the sound of blood

in my veins.

Still feel alive,

still feel the pain.


I’m not what I was,

or what I’ll become.

I’m something else,

so that’s someone

I have to look forward to;

learning to

be someone new.


I’m alive,

or so it seems.

I’m still sleeping,

still have dreams.

I’ve got all I’ll ever need;

ever wanted

ever believed.


Not ready to fly

but ready to smile inside.

just for a little while,

so this is my

no good-bye.


HG – 2017


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