Using The Jaws of Life (Muscle Memory)

These are the hands that touched you,

the ones that now

seek to explain themselves.

The past is so far back there,

I cannot reach it

to turn it over

and see why it is there.


I am of the opinion

that we crashed into each other;


Too hard to extricate ourselves

and so we stayed as one

for a while.

But it just grew old

and antiquated.


We didn’t come to be that way.

This never met with our approval

and so we had to separate.



Each limb

and connection,


where they had been fused together.

Bleeding and screaming;

we shared the blood flow.

We severed those veins

and cut you free of me,

I of you.

Like a twisted wreck;

one being,

now two.


But we’ll never forget it,

or remember it fondly;

a kiss that became

a terrible accident.

You said that you loved me.

I said that I loved you,

but once separated;

I ran

and so did you .


These are the hands

that remember your body.

These are the hands

that cut and excised,

but I do not remember

your voice,

or your shadow

and I can’t reach back

that far.


I hope you’ve healed well

and that you don’t remember;

wherever you are, now.


HG – 2017

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