A Human Centipede

I watched you crawl into dark spaces, lithe and contorted, like some many-legged insect. Absolving yourself of all your little disgraces, those little white lies that became an infinite void.   I saw you feed on pain and devastation. I saw what  a diet of shame and guilt could do. You, who I once believed … Continue reading A Human Centipede

What Are Friends For?

A problem within a problem. A time within a time. I hesitate, miss my escape; guess I'm on board for one more ride. I asked for this, I can't deny it. Caught up in the arms of desire and regret. Losing never meant destruction, it just meant starting all over again.   Met a friend … Continue reading What Are Friends For?

Cold Blooded

I have never been more exposed and vulnerable. Standing here arms open wide, ready to accept you decision. I appeal to what I hope is your kind and merciful nature, but I'm not surprised when you draw your knife.   No amount of persuasion would ever be enough to disarm you. I begin creating distance; … Continue reading Cold Blooded

Don’t Kill Yourself

You smile so wide, so bright; don't let the present take you away tonight; keep fighting. Oh, please God; please keep fighting.   Let it never be too much. Let it never go too far. There's something precious here; let it never be enough. Don't let the sunlight fade in your eyes today. Don't step … Continue reading Don’t Kill Yourself

Match Man

One stick, then another taken away from the Match Man. Piling up his pyre, one and only fire is his destination. There's no hope, no desire. They won't burn him as he stands; take him down to build the flames higher. The tangled effigy of the Match Man.   Could have lit the flame, could … Continue reading Match Man

The Kill

We sought the summer warmth when winter's unrelenting grip left our whole world a prison cell and now we seek reprieve from the oppression of Summer's heavy hand.   We're never happy, are we? Never finding pleasure with the season, because we ourselves are out of place; out of synch, out of touch with the … Continue reading The Kill

Killing Our Dead

Blessed are the Peacemakers; awash in the blood of innocence, their own culpability coppery red upon their lips. Never wage a war in a vacuum. There is a simple rule obeyed by all combatants. Surrender, only to your baser urges.   I have never killed a man. I have never desired it so. There was … Continue reading Killing Our Dead

How I Imagine it Will Go

My submissions were rejected with pointed inferences and a jaundiced turn of phrase. Sneering and derisive, as if I had just pulled out my dick and pissed my first stanzas across the top of that fine mahogany desk.   The idea Of frittering away more minutes in the company of stuffy balloon men and rat-faced … Continue reading How I Imagine it Will Go

The Clock Tower

Revenge is best left to angels, 'cause I know I haven't seen Heaven. I have no righteous indignation, just a long and simmering hatred. My resilience breaks now beside you, all of these important messages, just click by like falling snowflakes and I can't harbour anymore resentment.   When time dies, it doesn't matter anymore. … Continue reading The Clock Tower

“Fuck The Doomed”

Come on, give me a another stress headache, hit me with more overtime, less pay, no promotion, sleepless nights, glaring gaps in my future planning, bills piling up faster than my income, lost friendships, hard facts and soft reasoning, sado-masochistic,  bleeding heart heroes, knuckle dragging gay salesmen, burned black churches, with rich pastors, and poor … Continue reading “Fuck The Doomed”

The Betrayal

I gave you comfort and safety and this is how you repay me? You fucking betray me? This is why good men go crazy. Driven to the edge by those they sought to protect. There's a point to this, I guess.   It doesn't matter, We'll just fuck it up again. Sometimes, I think we … Continue reading The Betrayal

Redundant Life

Dropped out - Ground down So proud - Now loud unbound. I've come - Gone long - Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you'll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen - feeding the … Continue reading Redundant Life


So now the time has run you down, like a drunk driver, suicide bomber; weak and waiting, suffer longer. Drawn out poison, placed and bought, this rebel angel; outlaw - uncaught.   Here lies your sense of right and wrong. Plague cured - pilfered for a song. Drag demons out for my benefit. Malevolent, but … Continue reading Desiccated

Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion, rejection a foregone conclusion. This state of paradox, tried to put it in a box and failed miserably. This lack of fulfillment, the dark sun that nourishes me. Desiccated faith no longer, persuaded to death in anger, when tried for a life of blasphemy.   Direct - The Theory … Continue reading Theory of Negativity

Non-Identification Syndrome (Misanthropy)

Driving a wedge, pushing me over the edge. Dry in the mind, unsatisfied that you're so blind inside. Don't have the answers and the questions are illiterate at best. Disregard impressions, be who I am be who you are; I don't give a fuck if you're impressed. I don't stress, so useless - point lost in … Continue reading Non-Identification Syndrome (Misanthropy)

Update – A Little Background

Hello, If you've been following along with our little trip down memory lane, perhaps you have noticed that things have taken a bit of a turn for the... weird? The works have become angry and dark and what I like to think of as "Savage", but a lot of it is just general insanity. There are many reasons … Continue reading Update – A Little Background