Lesson #556

Yesterday sucked,

right up until the end.

Tomorrow bears no better prospects;

it looks like it’s going to suck, too.



for all its potential for bullshit,

is a blank slate,

a brick of unmolded clay.

Forge the iron in front of you,

don’t dwell on what was,

or what might be.


Deal only in cold facts.

Be honest about your emotions

and how they are effecting your choices.

Don’t get sucked in

by pathetic handwringing

and today’s potent brand

of narcissistic victimhood.


Something’s going to need you today.

Something tomorrow,

is going to depend on what you’ve done today.

Yesterday sucked.

Tomorrow might be worse,

but today;

today might be the day we die,

so we must be sure

that we die well.


HG – 2017

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