Obligatory Mother’s Day Poem ;)

I wasn’t going to write her a Mother’s Day poem.

I wasn’t going to write her a Mother’s Day poem

and publish it on my blog.

I wasn’t going to do that,

because the idea felt dishonest

and contrived

and insincere.


But here we are;

me doing yet another one of those things

that I said I wasn’t going to do.

My fingers fly across the keyboard

and the words pop up on the page

and the whole world knows

how much I love my mother.


This doesn’t make me feel any better.


There will never be a piece of writing

to convey a mother’s love

on a cold winter night,

when under an indifferent sky

she saved herself and her child.


There are no stanzas

that will assuage the guilt

of bad choices

and promises betrayed

on both our parts.


And God in His Heaven

knows that there is no end

to the pain

and the suffering

that this world heaps upon its best people.


How was writing this supposed to make either of us feel better?


How is it that she can still care so much?

How is it that the goodness in her

has not been ground down

under the boot heel of this oppressive world?

If pressure makes diamonds,

then she is priceless.

If diamonds are precious,

then she is the most precious person in the world.

If there were some way that words

could speak of perseverance

and share both sorrow

and victory

and love

and life

and death

all at the same time

without overwhelming the senses;

then those words would be her name.


But, there are no words;

just verbal gestures.

A smile,

an embrace,

a laugh.

Invaluable and imperceptible things

that make her beautiful,




A rare creature that embodies the goodness of the world,

as much as one can,

but most of all,

she just never stopped caring,

or at least trying to care,

about everyone.


Well Mom;

I guess I wrote it anyway.

I hope it says what it’s supposed to.

I hope it is a flower and a card

and a reflection of how much you mean to me;

what you have given me;

the belief,

that there is always something in this world

worth fighting for.


Thank you.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.


DJR – 2017

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