I don’t remember

how it felt to touch you.

I don’t remember

my hands on your skin.

Casting my mind back

seems ineffective,

I just end up here;

alone again.


There’s no knowledge

of your face,

or ministrations.

There’s no sense

of the smell of your hair.

My mind

has lost some critical detail;

I’m not sure you were ever there.


Even the pain

is just a faded recollection.

A picture left out in the sun.

We were so overexposed;

I can’t believe,

I can’t recall

you at all.


But there’s still a memory of pain

at the conclusion.

Imagine my confusion,

I thought I saw you sitting there,

it was just an empty chair;

ghosts created out of thin air.


My mind’s a fragile fellow,

beaten by a world so shallow.

This has been so light and mellow;

let’s dig back into tomorrow.

Tear down to the bone and marrow;

you’re there,

somewhere in my sorrow.

Somewhere in my scar tissue,

I miss you;

let’s continue

to just disregard the issue.


I have grown

away from this abuse

and I still can’t remember you.

I know you’re there,

somewhere outside of my head.

I’m not reaching out

ever again.

I’m just rotting neural pathways,

burning up my yesterdays.

The promise of tomorrow’s

just a lie,

so why

keep my

mind on the some days?


The river never flows

over the same stones twice,

if you’re taking my advice,

just realize;

you’re a ghost in my head,

a lost kiss

never recollected

and even if I tried,

couldn’t be resurrected.



memories of mine.


so many times,

I hope you lived.


HG – 2017

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