A Cleansing Storm

I need to clear my mind.

I need to clear my head.

I need to clean the slate.

Lately it never ends.


Blow it all away.

Wash it down the drain,

like a cleansing summer rain.

I’ve been strung out on pain,

divided against myself,

finding me in my way,

stay seeking something else.


There is nothing

that I’ve found so far

that needs me

like you do.

I can’t believe that

I have gone so far

beside me

you’ve been true.

So, I keep seeking one more way

to make me good for you.

I’m afraid that if I’m killing me,

I must be killing you, too.


I’ve sold my sin.

I’ve paid my debt.

I’ve begged for forgiveness.

I’ve prayed that I’ll forget.

A life of pain

has left its scars,

has left its mark,

still tries to tear me apart.






other than what I have ever been.





myself for something I never thought I’d be.


Destroying what I was

to make something new.

Your love is a wildfire

burning me right through.

I’m standing here,

letting the storm,

blow it all away,

so I can build

a new life for you and I,

for you and I,

for you I’d die,

over and over again.


HG – 2016

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