A Prayer For Believers

I’ve been on my knees praying for silence. Begging for an end to all this noise. Even the lightest touch now seems like violence. I know now I didn’t have a choice.   I’m a hunter now for hearts of evil. I’m a lover of things gone and passed away. My memories are superficial recollections … Continue reading A Prayer For Believers

Love The Fight

Who do you love? What do you crave? Is your fantasy worth fighting for? Are your dreams worth being saved? Will you rise up and take them back from grave? What price would you pay?   Rising before the sun, we lead the march to war. Like the angels proclaim The One, we believe in … Continue reading Love The Fight

A Cleansing Storm

I need to clear my mind. I need to clear my head. I need to clean the slate. Lately it never ends.   Blow it all away. Wash it down the drain, like a cleansing summer rain. I've been strung out on pain, divided against myself, finding me in my way, stay seeking something else. … Continue reading A Cleansing Storm

Love Can Hold a Gun

There will always be trouble and strife will never cease, so we must remain vigilant while seeking peace. We will always be opposed by forces we do not foresee, that is why we prepare for these tragedies.   Wars will never stop. Pride will never fail. Liars will always talk. Fear will drive the nails. … Continue reading Love Can Hold a Gun

Nurture Not The Hurt

After every disaster there is a moment where we get to choose to put it all back together the way we were, the way it was, or making something new.   We see so much of the same old, same old shit. Why would we want to rebuild what led to it? Why not make … Continue reading Nurture Not The Hurt

The Less and The Numb

You drew me inside with the promise of danger, all that I find is the less and the numb. The loss of sensation has deadened the touch, the thrill is all gone you promised too much and couldn’t deliver.   You said you would bring me the sun, but you fell short of Venus. So … Continue reading The Less and The Numb