Don’t give a shit anymore.

No war – or four,

or five, or six

million dead – don’t get ahead.


Draws me out

of my slumber,

makes me wonder;

the mood – the mind state,

of victims and aggressors,

with such arrogance they wield hate.

The possessors – of the power to take

us all down with them.


Peace still contains its violence,

silence sedates the confused.

When they hand ya propaganda

it’s just proof of their abuse.

Fear and terror are all

part of our mental makeup.

Each has their own,

most don’t know,

need to wake up

and see that their sons

with their hands on their guns

and their bombs, have their hearts

set on making our fears one.


If this madness is success,

which one of us is next?


With death in their hands

they draw all eyes.

With  a nuclear touch,

they take all lives

and the peace that

so many died for,

is erased as

they saturate more war.


Screams as the innocent pay

with their lives,

for the dreams of the guilty,

who’ll pay with their souls in time.


Whose side are you on?

I’m on my side – I’m on your side

I’m on her side,

I’m on all sides

and we think that

we’re so civilized,

so all this shit’s

no big surprise.


Each plays their part,

don’t think what you are told to

even starts to describe

the truth that lies in you.


HG – 2000-2005

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