The Shit Disturber

She really asks a lot of really stupid questions. Like that time when she wanted to know why big media companies are often chaired by the same people who are on the boards of big arms companies.   I mean, who asks that?   Or that other time, when she asked why big environmental groups … Continue reading The Shit Disturber

The Contrarian

Your pleasure is a poison, killing me a little every day. The things that make you smile, just make me fade away. Although I’ve tried to change, I remain contrary; I find no joy in the things that you seem to need. I can barely stand the air you breathe.   Every touch, every kiss, … Continue reading The Contrarian


A great commotion, passionate and often violent; the way things go around here almost every time. And it's no big surprise to see the apathy inside so many that I see and even in my own life.   There might as well be not tomorrow, if I can't find a way through today. There's so … Continue reading Smiley


Don't give a shit anymore. No war - or four, or five, or six million dead - don't get ahead.   Draws me out of my slumber, makes me wonder; the mood - the mind state, of victims and aggressors, with such arrogance they wield hate. The possessors - of the power to take us … Continue reading Benefactor

Truth & Beauty

Won't dumb it down for the masses, it's not my problem if you don't get it. Dealt with promises and trespasses, won't be long before you forget it anyway. These are the cards I'll play let you see the hand I've been dealt,  so one day you can say, "We understand how he felt. Isn't … Continue reading Truth & Beauty