Kill The Lights

  Kill the romance, in the cold of night when the fog sets in, low over the ground. Bury our sin. Conceal our irrelevance. The ones the world creates only to discard.   Kill suburbia. Life in chloroform. Impotent, sedated and compromised. Never lift a finger, but to point it at the screen and say, […]

On Killing

It would be easy to say that crazy is the new sane, but it’s always been this way; you’re just seeing it with new eyes and the same old brain. But it’s okay, because the same old same was lame. That brittle little culture was always gonna fade. Something new and savage was always on […]

Taking The Hill

They are dug in deep, withstanding barrage after barrage for days. The savages. We wrested them from their strongholds and chased them from their palaces, but they relent not one inch without a fight.   They shed the blood of millions with a wanton disregard. They forced our hand, by their crimes they birthed the […]

The Chaos Engine

One drop of water causes ripples that will radiate out gaining energy, releasing potential, building exponentially and a tsunami erases the shoreline.   A butterfly beats its wings stirring a breeze, stirring emotion. Fall, the leaves of the trees blow into the streets, abandoned and broken. Lost, the tempests they rage, our ship is at […]

The Art of Persuasion

A soft word in your ear, a bright and kindly smile, a warm, caressing touch, a gift in selfless style.   The firm, but stern address. The suggestion to do. The ridicule of those who do not share your views.   Stigmatize enemies. Foment great hate with lies, raise up our candidate. Opponents demonized.   […]

Generation Stupid

The sins of the father are visited upon the son and the daughter and I’m not sure it matters. I see a lot of finger pointing, chest thumping, sabre rattling, with little conviction and no real bloodlust, aside from the occasional unbalanced whack-job.   I thought this was supposed to be The Revolution? Maybe instead, […]

“Fuck The Doomed”

Come on, give me a another stress headache, hit me with more overtime, less pay, no promotion, sleepless nights, glaring gaps in my future planning, bills piling up faster than my income, lost friendships, hard facts and soft reasoning, sado-masochistic,  bleeding heart heroes, knuckle dragging gay salesmen, burned black churches, with rich pastors, and poor […]

Strong Foundations

Pop smoke and bug out amidst the confusion. Escape and evade, do whatever it takes to break contact. Go to ground and disappear into the indigenous population.   Back tracking is not an option. Besides, there’s nothing waiting back there, except the same old enemies. Always an aggressive push forward. Take the next step and […]


Those things you’ve loved aren’t gonna break your heart, they’re gonna tear it from your chest and tell you it’s a part of knowing what is best.   If you proclaim that God is great, they’re gonna call it hate and the color of your skin, is gonna get you in; you’re gonna wish you […]

A Catching Fire

It’s so easy to become the thing you hate. Believe me when I say it’s a mistake. There’s only so much pain this world can take, before it breaks.   I left my heart and soul out in the rain, hoping they be washed clean again, but blood survives just fine as a stain; all […]

Civil War

Gasping for air. Straining to catch our breath. Fighting down a raging sea of emotions. Seeking calm, in the midst of chaos, without the futility of trying to understand it; merely trying to keep a grip on humanity.   Beat back that which crawls out of that savage pit of souls. Prison for the murderous […]


Freedom isn’t free. This ought to be common knowledge, for by now everyone must have noticed the rivers of blood are getting knee deep.   If freedom must come from the barrel of a gun, then let that gun be a human heart and let that barrel be a beautiful mouth that speaks the truth […]

Thursday at The Office

Patience is a virtue. To be long suffering is a gift. Being slow to anger and even in response is a sign of a balanced and mature mind. But, even the strongest of us break. Even the most tempered, crack under the strain. The haunting laughter of madness lurks in some dark corner of all […]

Love Can Hold a Gun

There will always be trouble and strife will never cease, so we must remain vigilant while seeking peace. We will always be opposed by forces we do not foresee, that is why we prepare for these tragedies.   Wars will never stop. Pride will never fail. Liars will always talk. Fear will drive the nails. […]


We’re gonna tell you what it is. We’re gonna tell you who you are. We’re gonna tell you where you’re from. We’re gonna know just what you’ve done. We’ll tell you we’re all made of stars. We’ll tell you we aren’t here at all. We’re gonna tell you we’re impressed, just lift up your dress […]


It was never easy, it was never quiet, the atrocity had merely moved on. It changed location, to a distance that must have seemed like it was gone, but it wasn’t really gone. We mourned, we grieved, but then we resumed our lives and after a time, the memory of pain faded, as it does, […]

Assholes and Cockroaches

Open your mouth and let out your atrocity. Share your most precious gift for we have gone without. Tell us how the world’s supposed to be.   Everyone’s an agent and a spy. Everyone has information, they won’t be denied. Everyone is cheering on the martyrs who have died and Sunday morning quarterbacking terrorists on-line. […]

Oppression is Boring

The adversary never sleeps, never weeps for the forgotten. Constantly calculating new ways to torture the attending, the crowd; those supporting the highest law of the land. Lingering at the crossroads, no longer pays the bills.   HG – 2016

Saving The World and Me First

Knowing what is right and doing what is right; I don’t think the two ideas could be more different.   Sure, I know you’re drowning, but saving you is another matter altogether.   It requires me being involved. It requires me being accountable for the outcome. It requires me to relinquish my seat as the […]