Horror and Hope

Marked by an iron letter seared into the flesh, the mark of the Malcontent.   Heathen bringing hedonism, horror and hope to the great white masses and the other 99, 69, maybe more, maybe less. Who cares about a few percent?   I guess if you're understanding this you can count yourself blessed; you're literate, … Continue reading Horror and Hope


Freedom isn't free. This ought to be common knowledge, for by now everyone must have noticed the rivers of blood are getting knee deep.   If freedom must come from the barrel of a gun, then let that gun be a human heart and let that barrel be a beautiful mouth that speaks the truth … Continue reading Unobtainium

Our Disquiet Masses

If you’re quiet, in the silence you can hear nerves snapping and synapses firing hot, then burning out; as well groomed conflict takes down hearts and minds alike. Bleeding hearts find no bandage and coagulate slowly. Most are left to just bleed out on the floor, their bodies shape a grim hedgerow along the path … Continue reading Our Disquiet Masses


A great commotion, passionate and often violent; the way things go around here almost every time. And it's no big surprise to see the apathy inside so many that I see and even in my own life.   There might as well be not tomorrow, if I can't find a way through today. There's so … Continue reading Smiley

That’s Gratitude For Ya!

I am rising, above the garbage, above the flesh; uncompromising. Got to write it out, sing it out, scream it out. Let it get the best of me? No - I don't think so.   For crying out loud, it's you who set it up this way, made every facet of the game and bitch … Continue reading That’s Gratitude For Ya!


Don't give a shit anymore. No war - or four, or five, or six million dead - don't get ahead.   Draws me out of my slumber, makes me wonder; the mood - the mind state, of victims and aggressors, with such arrogance they wield hate. The possessors - of the power to take us … Continue reading Benefactor

So Fucking Absurd

Excuses don't cut it anymore, just another way to remain - sanitized. Free from the wealth of information, no opinion to cloud your mind. Sympathy - surrogate compassion, mass consciousness hijacked by broadcasts; dilute - delude - denying action.   I am alive and dying daily. Never afraid and yet it is the love that … Continue reading So Fucking Absurd


Past this is more of the same thing.   Domination of the passive, aggressive and blind. All of the submissive, find their place and quietly die.   Isn't this the same shit it was? Essential problems don't just go away. Don't matter the birth or the cause; we're all living this way now.   Their … Continue reading Damages

Truth & Beauty

Won't dumb it down for the masses, it's not my problem if you don't get it. Dealt with promises and trespasses, won't be long before you forget it anyway. These are the cards I'll play let you see the hand I've been dealt,  so one day you can say, "We understand how he felt. Isn't … Continue reading Truth & Beauty

You Started a Fire…

A silent scream - immolation - inspiration, instigate another situation - such damnation is the core of this heart that's beating. No more pussified fucks defeating. Can't touch the soul that's consumed by fire, place my mind on the line - take it higher.   Confronted and cornered - I lash out. Holding no knowledge … Continue reading You Started a Fire…