Interpret the perfect picture

a little different every time,

’cause all things seem to change

and the perfect never

stays that way forever.


Even as times wind down,

so the life ties die;

sky crashes to the ground.

So in dirt life grows,

energy changes forms

and has been doing so

for longer

than our cells or souls remember.


Just a flicker in the candle flame,

existence, oh so fleeting.

Not a moment born or dying,

place, or person that stays the same.

Why would we presume

our short lived eyes

can see the will of ages?

When all our words

of love and lies

just wither on the pages.

Eventually, the air we breathe

turns stagnant in our lungs.

Light in our eyes

fades as we die

and it don’t matter what we’ve done.


Colder than Hell’s heart.

As bright as it is dark.

Each life just a part,

so I’m taking in all I can

to help us all understand.

Can you help me understand?

Why the very Earth beneath our feet

can move and shift below us,

but ’til it opens up

and sucks us down,

we’re too busy to notice.

Alter the world around you always,

who’s to say it’s not

effecting you every day?


We are all from dust,

existing and being here.

Return to it we must;

we cannot turn away.


We must not think of life as permanent, or perfect,

’cause change is the only thing that makes this bullshit all worthwhile.


HG – 2000-2005

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