Keeps Dragging Me Back

When I fall – all – of

the colors drain.

Eyes of grey – oh, so plain.

No great erase.

Weight or pain – gone,

as long as I let it take

me away – beyond myself

to where all points meet

and I escape.


I run here or there,

in the end it finds me

and I’m caught up

in this world

and its

bullshit reality.

There is no comfort here

for anyone remotely human.

Everyone sells a piece of their

soul to get by

and it’s getting easier

every day

to give a little piece up.

In my weaker moments,

thinkin’ I ain’t got enough

to live anyway.


Fuck you and your real life!

I will find another way!

I will find a way

around this shit.

False and comforting.


Even though I want out –

it keeps dragging me back!


HG – 2000-2005

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