When I close my eyes there’s something there in the not-so-dark with me. There’s something in my mind besides me. I believe that there is a place that I have seen in dreams; extra-dimensional, but it is still me. At least, that’s how it seems.   Tell me reality is only what I see. … Continue reading Psychonautic

Ebb + Flow

Gathering myself together, leaving off what doesn't fit. I set myself up for today, feeling somewhat adequate. I step out in the tumbling ether of a world that I'm caught in, if I exit through the right one, which one do I come in? Am I a particle in motion, or a wave that's coming … Continue reading Ebb + Flow

You Asked Me To Share…

Whisper your secrets to me. Come down in the deep here with me. Clearly we will see what we see. Never another will be, closer than we, under the sky and the sea. Tell me your deepest regret, tell me your sorrow, tell me what you would forget. Tell me why you’re so upset; I’ll show you … Continue reading You Asked Me To Share…

Questions and a Loaded Gun

It's in between the eyes and the mind, this subtle disconnection. Seeing what must be believed, so deceived. The treasure rests in beauty, cannot be conceived.   I was ready for the next thing; some unforgettable event. Tried the elixir and over the edge I went. Such a perfect picture, taken in the wind, distorted … Continue reading Questions and a Loaded Gun

Imaginary Friends

I think I only imagined you. You were never really there, just an optical illusion. A way to keep me in my skin, a thought beyond compare, an irreparable world view.   Unique is the nicest word they had to describe me. In my own little way, I offered a real life to you. What … Continue reading Imaginary Friends

Made In My Image

I held out an open hand trying to touch the world. I passed right through, I always knew it was an illusion. I cut myself and tried to bleed, since death is the only certainty; I was only so surprised to see wires and circuitry.   It turns out I am an illusion, too, Learning … Continue reading Made In My Image


Bewilder me with the eyes turned inside, never wondering why I'm alive. Confusion only multiplies with every answer, as I court disaster. Greater grows the distance every time.   I'm searching my soul for the moment, drawing an imperfect circle around me. Been up high on the wings of bad angels, fortune finds a way … Continue reading Bewildered


Interpret the perfect picture a little different every time, 'cause all things seem to change and the perfect never stays that way forever.   Even as times wind down, so the life ties die; sky crashes to the ground. So in dirt life grows, energy changes forms and has been doing so for longer than … Continue reading Devolution