Corrosion of the will,

stupefied with drugs and danger.

A trick played on your sanity,

baited to the point of murder.

So much for lust,

the love untouched.

We live undead,

no hope or trust.

A broken back,

the seething black,

we suffer no other;

devouring the living mass.


Hated yet we rule the riot,

these heathens come of age.

Cacophony kills deafening quiet,

corrupt the plans you’ve made.

Think we’re a passing trend?

Well here lies Hell, so you’re dead wrong.

A family of friends

that you’ve heard tell of all along.


Without a ground to hold us down,

one of us in every town,

one in every home.

Outcasts standing all alone,

yet rotting righteous to the bone;

what you deny we call our own.


Mainstream fake-fucks,

watered down us.

Hell and hokus

is our focus.

– We are the ones that the weak base their lives on-


HG – 2000-2005



One thought on “Hokus

  1. Just stumbled upon this piece in a pile that dates to about the right time to make me believe that this is part of the unintentional genesis of Hokus Grey. Added to commemorate the fledgling FB page.

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