ReBlog Wednesday – “Coffee and Cigarettes”

ReBlog Wednesdays – “Coffee and Cigarettes” Coffee and Cigarettes – Hokus Grey It’s so cliché, it ought to be reviled, but it seeps into the soul hinting at deep mystery like a secret language. Anyone who has partaken in the ritual knows this to be true. It could be the late-night burn, the exclusive province … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “Coffee and Cigarettes”

Coffee in November

I am caffine incarnate. I am the irresistible November morning's frost filled visage; transfixed in the warp and weft of intricate melodramas playing out on the grande stage of my front window. These are days for shuttered, locked in vagaries; rummage through old closets for winter clothes and end up finding memories more moth eaten … Continue reading Coffee in November