Raw Power

  Old, grey man, never took a thing, except when he was young, he took everything. Burned hot as a star, blazed up that old, night sky, back when you could really watch them go, back when songs were miracles.   Holding on the another day, another sunglasses and cigarette masquerade, past the media parade […]

Listening to Angels

Listen to the rhythms of a world gone slow, breathing temp seductive in the ebb and flow. There are expressions on our faces as we sleep; revealing our dreams, our need to be comforted by something, any little thing. Be it the arms wrapped around us, or that voice in our ear telling us that […]


I’ve made peace with the end of the world. I’ve talked with the Man in the Sky. He told me, “Don’t worry, I’m coming.” so I’m waiting to watch Him walk by.   He’s coming home, gonna clean His castle by burning that bitch to the floor. When the land’s been razed, all those little […]

Beg The Raven

The songs I sung when I was young mean nothing to me now. They gave the day a great escape, I’ve gone and locked it out. I’ve passed on that old one that held emotions down. The greatest trick I ever pulled, was making you believe that I would need another way to go.   […]

Magnum Opus

Come and hear the song, if you want you can sing along. This is your anthem now, your funeral dirge. You know all the words every syllable and verse.   You’ve been tunelessly humming it in your head for your whole life. How loud does it get the closer you come to the end of […]

About “GFY”

Not everything that gets written is gold, far from it. One of the most enjoyable things about being creative is exploring and playing with ideas and having fun with them. Don’t limit yourself to one type of expression, let the expression choose its own form. You never know when something is going to become something else. Like that […]


I’m an all around mess. I can fall with the best. I should confess I’m some trouble, I guess, couldn’t think any less.     I’ve had it with the world, I’m getting off the line, I’m sick of trying to impress the rest I’ve left behind, I’m getting out of mind.   I’ve been […]

Friday Night Hypnotic

Lose yourself in the music. Let your body be one with the beat, give up your grip; on the tangible, taste the impossible. Ain’t it so sweet?   You’re free of the world, you are vapor and smoke in the wind. Nothing can catch you, no cares now that you’re giving in.   This is […]

Grey Waves

Delirium, master of distraction and mysterium. Voices in our heads speak, are we hearing them? Are we fearing them?   Never far from the edge, feel the push, can’t catch our breath. Out of touch, desire for decline, feel the rush, you’re out of your mind. No big surprise.   Pull the veil away, you’ll […]

Obscure Permanent Vacation

Drawn into the life at a young age with no boundary of a family to keep one’s feet on the ground. Harnessing energy at this stage, to erase my enemy and take back my mind from the clouds.   There is no soul here, hopeless, without fear. I can see the way clear of these […]

The New Beggars

Not the face on the cover, all plastic – all concept. Dream girl – Beggar Lover doomed from the outset. You are on the way out. Without – no place here. At the top of the fast food chain. Perception temporary. Like crystal meth addiction coverage and the latest rap feud. Sold cocktails and new […]

Bring it Back

These are the darkest hours, painful moments that drag on forever. The unused gift becomes the user’s curse. The saddest smile on Earth. But it is addictive, this sweet negative. As the night wears on, thoughts border on suicide, all the time is mine on my side. Regretting nothing and everything, past/present/future – tortures my […]