Shuffle Play


I played that same old song again today.

The one we used to play

back when the sounds

would find us out,

and things weren’t going our way.

I can’t say

that very much has changed,

except I find the notes

are colder

and the tones don’t sound the same.

I guess I hear it in

a different way.

So many things I sought for comfort

now don’t have a place.


I’ve written one or two

new songs since then.

You’ve played a few,

said you were cool with them.

Asked me so casually,

“Where does all this end?”

I wish I knew, my friend.


I watched another

winter storm roll in.

Sat there with my whiskey

and my pen


“Here we go again.”

Once more into the breach.

Once more around the bend.


Maybe the next

is gonna be that one

that carries me off

with the setting sun.

I’ll keep writing songs

until I’m done,

whenever that day comes.


That same old song

has given way to new.

So much has gone along

away with you.

I sit watching the storm

and I like the view.

This little interlude.


I ask no favors

and I give no change.

Ice on windows,

in my glass

and in my veins.

Another song

to recognize the pain,

in all those yesterdays.

Let’s let tomorrow play.



HG – 2018

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